Jamie Andrews Andrews, Jamie Associate Professor
software engineering, software testing, programming languages
John Barron Barron, John Professor
image processing, computer vision
Michael Bauer Bauer, Michael Professor
distributed systems, systems and application management, resource management in distributed and grid systems, software engineering
Steven Beauchemin Beauchemin, Steven Associate Professor
computer vision, applied mathematics, robotics, image processing
Yuri Boykov Boykov, Yuri Associate Professor
computer vision, medical imaging, algorithms
Mark Daley Daley, Mark Associate Professor
natural computing, computational and mathematical modelling of biological systems, theoretical computer science, high performance computing for biology and mathematics, molecular evolution, algorithmics of music and the visual arts
Mahmoud El-Sakka El-Sakka, Mahmoud Associate Professor
image compression and encoding, image enhancement, image analysis/inspection, image security, clustering and pattern recognition
Lucian Ilie Ilie, Lucian Professor
strings (combinatorics, mathematical properties), string algorithms, bioinformatics
Lila Kari Kari, Lila Professor
theory of computation: formal languages, automata; DNA computing; discrete mathematics in relation to computer science
Mike Katchabaw Katchabaw, Mike Associate Professor
Video game design and technologies, virtual worlds, participatory simulations, massively scaled applications, storytelling and narrative design for games, artificial intelligence and character behaviour in games, music in games and new media systems
Ling, Charles Professor
data mining and its applications, machine learning, cognitive modeling
Hanan Lutfiyya Lutfiyya, Hanan Professor
software engineering, distributed systems, fault tolerance
Nazim Madhavji Madhavji, Nazim Professor
requirements engineering, software architectures, software quality, software evolution and feedback, software processes, empirical studies
Robert Mercer Mercer, Robert Professor
artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, nonmonotonic logics
Marc Moreno Maza Moreno Maza, Marc Associate Professor
computer algebra, efficient algorithms and complexity, algebraic geometry, programming languages, distributed computing, applications of computer algebra, software engineering
Areski Nait-Abdallah Nait-Abdallah, Areski (LTD) Associate Professor
reasoning with partial information
Sylvia Osborn Osborn, Sylvia Associate Professor
database security, role-based access control, object-oriented databases, database integration
Mark Perry Perry, Mark (LOA) Professor
interrelationship between law, policy, computer technologies and intellectual property
Laura Reid Reid, Laura Lecturer
Eric Schost Schost, Eric Associate Professor
computer algebra, polynomial system solving, polynomial and power series arithmetic
Kamran Sedig Sedig, Kamran Associate Professor
design of mindtools, interactive cognitive tools, human-computer interaction design, visualization tools, learning and knowledge technologies
Roberto Solis-Oba Solis-Oba Roberto Associate Professor
combinatorial optimization, data structures, approximation, parallel and distributed algorithms
Olga Veksler Veksler, Olga Associate Professor
computer vision
Stephen Watt Watt, Stephen Professor
computer algebra, programming languages and compilers, pen-based computing, XML technologies
  Webber, Robert Associate Professor
computer graphics, FPGAs, VHDL, neural networks
Zhang, Kaizhong Professor
bioinformatics, patern matching and discovery, algorithms and data structures


Adjunct Research Professors

Gittens, Mechelle (gittendb <at> csd.uwo.ca)
University of West Indies, Barbados
Gwadry-Sridhar, Femida
Director, Medical Health Informatics Program
Jürgensen, Helmut


Cross Appointed

Dain, Steven (sdain <at> uwo.ca)
Hill, Kathleen (khill22 <at> uwo.ca)
Minac, Jan (minac <at> uwo.ca)
Rogan, Peter (progan <at> uwo.ca)
Xiao, Lu (lxiao24 <at> uwo.ca)


Limited-Duties Lecturers


Babanski, A.
Du, J.
Goldstein, D.
Locke, B.
Magguilli, L.
Mazalov, V.
Mola, O.
Norouzi, F.
Tyrphonopoulos, V.
Vrbik, P.


Adjunct Professors

de Medeiros, Gilbert (g.medeiros <at> keyfactors.ca)
Key Factors Consulting
Downie, Stephen (jdownie <at> illinois.edu)
Univ. of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
Grodzinski, Bernard (bgrodzin <at> uoguelph.ca)
University of Guelph
Ilie, Silvana (silvana <at> ryerson.ca)
Ryerson University
Irani, Pourang (irani <at> cs.umanitoba.ca)
University of Manitoba
Liang, Hai-Ning (haining.liang <at> xjtlu.edu.cn)
Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University
Ma, Bin (binma <at> uwaterloo.ca)
University of Waterloo
Salomaa, Kai (ksalomaa <at> cs.queensu.ca)
Queen's University
Van de Peer, Yves (yvpee <at> psb.ugent.be)
Ghent University, Belgium


Professors Emeriti

Beckhoff, Gerhard
Bennett, J. Michael
Dewdney, A. Keewatin
Dunham, Charles
Gargantini, Irene
Jürgensen, Helmut
Mullin, James
Szilard, Andrew


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